Meet Our Therapists

Our therapists are relationship experts that help couples move from fighting and disconnection to reconnecting through greater intimacy, communication and healing.  We work with individuals to heal from the past and achieve lasting success in their lives. 


Anna Osborn, LMFT

Life is full of challenges and I don't think being miserable in our relationship is something we should settle for. I believe in the power of change and see couples become more connected and loving. I see individuals gain the confidence to achieve the loving and respectful relationship they have always dreamed about. As a licensed psychotherapist and relationship specialist, I love my job because I know that tending to your relationships pays off.

Couples and Individual Counseling in Sacramento

My greatest strengths as a therapist are that I'm also a wife and mom, so I get how important our relationships are to our success in all areas of our lives. I value the creativity and energy that's necessary to raise a family.

Life can be hard (and therapy challenging), but that doesn't mean that we have to be stoic in the process. Sometimes the best way to heal is to shake the room with laughter. Sometimes it's to let go and cry.  I see counseling as a way for both couples and individuals to reshape their lives and begin feeling the fun and joy that they want out of life. 

Therapeutic Specialties

My specialties include working with couples to help them rebuild and establish loving relationships, therapy with individuals who are struggling to overcome the wounding from past relationships, and working with people to heal from trauma and move forward.  

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Heather Moss, LMFT

I'm a licensed psychotherapist and am honored to do the work I do.  I specialize in working with couples and families because I truly believe that a happy and loving family is one the most amazing gifts we can give to our children. I also specialize in working with survivors of trauma. I have worked with trauma survivors throughout my work as a therapist and am continually humbled by the tragedies folks can heal from.

Couples and Family Counseling In Sacramento

I love working with tweens, teens and young adults as I know what a challenging time of life that can be.  I believe that it is important for teens to see a counselor who specializes in adolescent therapy, someone who understands the teenage mind and the struggles they face. With 15 years within the mental health field primarily working with children, preteens, teens, adolescents, and families I can help individuals and families build strong bonds in their most important relationships and rebuild trust, respect and connection.

I also specialize in co-parenting and love to help couples with leftover issues of anger and resentment from their marriage. Especially when it's interfering from achieving a positive co-parenting relationship.  Issues such as anger, pain, betrayal and loss of trust can linger, even after the divorce is final.  Co-parenting becomes a scene for unresolved marital issues and children can often become unintended victims to this.  

Effective co-parenting therapy can provide tools to work through the anger and pain and while finding ways to manage feeling of resentment and betrayal without having them placed onto their children.  It's extremely rewarding and empowering for parents when they're able to find ways to put their children's happiness, stability and well-being as the shared reality in their co-parenting relationship.

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Bronwyn Schweigerdt, LMFT

I love helping individuals and couples grow more fully into who they were created to be. I work with clients from all walks of life, including those struggling with life transitions, relationships and healing from trauma.  I integrate faith with acceptance, empathy, and curiosity, with an emphasis on self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.

When working with couples, I support each partner to learn about how each other's experiences contribute to the present relationship, which helps to cultivate intimacy, empathy and understanding.

Couples Counseling in Sacramento

My specialties include working with couples to re-establish loving relationships, and therapy with individuals who have been wounded in past relationships. 

With couples I use a technique called the Comfort Circle, which enables partners to find comfort in one another through extended listening, understanding, and meeting one another’s needs.

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