Meet Our Therapists

Our therapists are relationship experts that help couples move from fighting and disconnection to reconnecting through greater intimacy, communication and healing.  We work with individuals to heal from the past and achieve lasting success in their lives. 


Anna Osborn, LMFT

Life is full of challenges and I don't think being miserable in your relationship is something you should settle for. I believe in the power of change and see couples become more connected and trusting. I see individuals gain the confidence to achieve the loving and respectful relationship they have always dreamed about. As a licensed psychotherapist and relationship specialist, I love my job because I know that caring for yourself and your relationships pays off.

Couples and Individual Counseling in Sacramento

My greatest strengths as a therapist are that I'm also a wife and mom, so I get how important your relationships are to your success in all areas of your lives. I value the creativity and energy that's necessary to raise a family, even during the dark and bleak moments.

Life can be hard (and therapy can be challenging), but that doesn't mean that we have to be stoic in the process. Sometimes the best way to heal is to shake the room with laughter. Sometimes it's ok to let go and cry.  I see counseling as a way for both couples and individuals to reshape their lives and begin feeling the fun and joy that they want out of their live's again. 

Therapeutic Specialties

My specialties include working with couples to help them rebuild and establish loving relationships, therapy with individuals who are struggling to overcome the wounding from past relationships, and working with people to heal from trauma and move forward.  

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If you are ready for your life and your relationships to be truly transformed, I look forward to talking.  Schedule your phone consultation, call 916.955.3200, or email