Kindness...Pass it on!

A challenge to you all.....what if we work on building up rather than breaking down?

Have you seen the commercial that is all about paying kindness forward?  I can't remember the product that they are selling (oops) but I do know that whenever I see the young man who helps the older woman to cross the street who then smiles and waves to a young kid on a swing who then helps his sister pick up their toys, etc, etc, I want to stand up and cheer!  

It is so easy to get lost in the media and all the ways that it picks apart others and judges who they are. I'd much rather find acts of kindness and respect...that's what gets me excited.  I get inspired when I see people work to build up others rather than break them down.  What would it be like if we all choose to step back from a group that is criticizing and instead join in to cheer each other on?

So, how about this challenge?  What if for the next week we focused on building up those around us?  What if when we see someone in need of a hand, we lend it, rather than waiting to watch and judge how they do it on their own?  

Now that is the kind of kindness I want to see in the community around me!   For more information about finding the strength within you and how counseling can help with that, call or email me, 916.955.3200 or