Why Do We Delay in Asking for Help?

I went to a speaker's panel on PTSD last week and I was struck by the common sentiment from the speakers...that people usually delay in getting counseling or therapy and while they delay, their symptoms get worse.  I started thinking that this doesn't only apply to people that have survived a traumatic experience, it applies to all of us that have experienced hurt.  Whether it is in our relationships or growing up, we do tend to "stuff" the experience, not realizing that it could be causing more damage as we let it continue to grow, rather than addressing it head on.  

I realize that the part of asking for help is scary, but isn't it a whole lot more overwhelming to not get help?  I mean if we really think about it, not asking for help is essentially guaranteeing that the hurt will continue.  My grandpa used to quote a saying that went something like, "why do you keep banging your head against the wall...because it feels so good when I stop".  Goodness knows when he said it I thought it was a nutty thing to say, but years later the meaning is hard to deny.  

Don't put off asking for help.  Whether it is picking up the phone to call for counseling, or just telling a friend you need some support, the first step is right there waiting to be taken.  So for today, let's all step away from the wall.

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