Trauma Counseling and EMDR

Your past does not determine your future. You might trick yourself into believing that because past relationships have been deeply disappointing or hurtful, that this is all you deserve or are capable of.

You deserve and are capable of so much more.

At My Happy Couple, we're continually in awe of the power of the human spirit to heal and recover from some of the most horrific events life has handed them. If it feels like your past haunting is you, if sometimes it feels like you're reliving your worst nightmare, perhaps trauma therapy can help.

EMDR Therapy in Sacramento

We work with clients to overcome issues such as abuse, assault, and other traumatic experiences that  have negatively impacted their lives. Eye Movement Desensitization and  Reprocessing (EMDR) and trauma counseling are keys to being able to leave the past in the past. EMDR is a well-researched and established therapy that allows you to effectively heal from trauma and start living your life in peace. Through empathy, encouragement and establishing safety, you can overcome the trauma of your past and feel control over your future.

Trauma Recovery and Therapy in Sacramento

It's amazing to witness the healing our clients have achieved by moving past the trauma and into a more engaged and fulfilling life.  Folks we work with share that they no longer feel traumatized, scared or like they are living in fear of the past. They are more able to have happy and healthy relationships as their past is no longer screaming at them. Being able to bear witness to to the power of healing on a regular basis continues to inspire us.  


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